KIT e-HiHat foot-variable for traditional HiHats stand!

I did it! DIY cheaper and powerfull variable HiHat.

With this item you can hear different sound in Addictive Drums according to how you open or close the stand.... You can also refine with the second potenziometer, other settings are available via alesis trigger i/o.

KIT e-HiHat for traditional stand:

  • box 100x50x25 mm in black abs by Hammond (with threaded screws for easy reopening)
  • 4 meters with JACK connector cable
  • steel wire length about 40-50 cm, for to be fixed on the pedal
  • black jacket for steel wire
  • hub fastening with rubber to fit different diameters of rods

Here another example

(tested on Alesis trigger I/O, Roland TD30, microDrum, MegaDrum, Alesis D4 solo ON-OFF)


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